Friday Night Links: Selling and Optimizing

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If you are in business in any way, shape, or form, “sales” and “optimization” are two of your favorite words. Selling makes the business world go 'round. Optimization is the process of constantly making things better (and, if you're anything like me, there are always a couple more tweaks to add). This week, we have a nice selection of links about selling your products and optimizing your website, so take a peek!


Analyzing Groupon's Design: Why So Many Buy In (via Webdesigntuts+)
Add in some bright colors, game mechanics, and user engagement to learn from Groupon's success.

Creating Link Content that Sells in 5 Easy Steps (via Ontolo)
Identify your targets and their online habits before writing content or creating links

Shopping Cart Page Checklist: 16 Things I Look For (via Get Elastic Ecommerce Blog)
Actually 18 things, complete with illustrations of “good” and “bad” examples.

SEO Checklist for Local Small Business Websites (via Sugarrae)
A great resource to give to the small brick-and-mortar business owners who asks you what they should do with their website.

Is There Too Much Sugar In Your Testimonials? (via psychotactics)
Some actual, specific questions to ask your customers to solicit great testimonials.


Optimizing Social Media Campaigns for Search (via Outspoken Media)
You can have both SEO and social media at the same time – here are some concrete tips on how.

SEO for YouTube: The Basics (via Coconut Headphones)
As ever, keywords and social rankings are important.

Dynamic Keyword Research – Keeping Your Online Marketing Aligned With the Rest of the World (via Search Engine Guide)
Do you know which keywords are growing fastest in your niche?

Link Building Lessons From Improv Comedy (via Search Engine Journal)
Learn how to engage your audience like a comedian does.

50+ Tools To Automate Your Link Building (via Search Engine Watch)
No, tools don't have that human touch to reach out and build links – but they can do a whole lot of analysis a lot faster than us humans can!

Link Building Insights Using Your Competitor's Big News (via Search News Central)
If your competitor just made headlines, try reaching out to news outlets to include your company's name (and link) in the article as a competitor.

Do 404s hurt my site? (via Official Google Webmaster Central Blog)
The definitive word from Google: no, 404s do not hurt your site, but there is still a good and a bad way to deal with them.

Improving Reporting Efficiency and Relevance (via SEOmoz)
As an SEO, you need to know who is reading your SEO reports, and tailor them accordingly. No need to spend more time on reporting than you need to!

This Week on Single Grain

Do SEO the Write Way
Can you successfully write your content for readers and bots at the same time?

Impact of Social Media in Today's Business World
Find out what your business needs to know about social media.

11 Internal Link Building Strategies
You don't have to rely on others to build links to your content – you can do it, too!

12 Handy Free WordPress Plugins
What do you want WordPress to do? These plugins can help you do it!

Community: How to Create, Engage and Thrive
Your brand needs to form an identity and attract a community.

Ways to Evaluate Your SEO Competition
A couple analysis tools to use to evaluate your competition, and exactly how to use them.

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