Ecommerce SEO Case Study: How Primary Arms Increased Organic Revenue by 47%

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While many Direct To Consumer (DTC) ecommerce companies dump more money into paid customer acquisition every quarter (what we affectionately call the paid advertising hamster wheel), there are a handful of ecommerce brands that are figuring out organic acquisition via SEO and crushing it.

Primary Arms is one of those brands.

Primary Arms was able to boost revenue across their top product pages by 47% in 12 months without spending more on ads.

In fact, Primary Arms attributes this 47% SEO revenue boost to just three months of focused testing on product pages—all using SEO experimentation tool ClickFlow.

Check out these results:

  • YoY organic search traffic increase attributed to testing: 70% 📈
  • YoY organic search revenue increase attributed to testing: $425,524 USD 📈
  • YoY organic search revenue lift across tested pages: 47% 📈

PA case study metrics

Here's a quick story of how they did it (and how you can copy their #1 technique to boost your own SEO traffic).

Data-Driven Ecommerce SEO Planning: Why Organic CTR Testing Can Offer Quick Wins For Established Ecommerce Sites

Primary Arms is an SEO powerhouse.

In fact, according to Ahrefs, Primary Arms would need to spend ~$234K per month on Google Ads today to match the click value that they drive from organic search.

(For context, Ahrefs estimates that drives $104K in monthly SEO traffic value.)

Primary Arms Ahrefs

But here's what's really interesting:

Despite their impressive SEO footprint, after analyzing Google Search Console reports, Digital Strategist Wilson Calil found that his company was still leaving a ton of traffic on the table due to an SEO gap that's easily overlooked:

Low organic CTRs.

(Note: Organic CTR = the % of searchers who click through to your site after seeing your site in search engine results. If 100 people conduct a search and 3 people click to your site, you have a 3% organic CTR.)

In most cases, Wilson found that Primary Arms had already done the hard work of ranking for relevant terms. Their product pages simply lacked compelling SEO headline copy that customers would want to click.

“It was pretty easy to see from our data that improving organic CTR was our low-hanging fruit.”

Note: ClickFlow is an SEO intelligence tool that lets you see your site's biggest SEO opportunities in minutes. You can request a personalized demo simply by following this link.

So, Wilson decided to test new page titles.

Prior to discovering ClickFlow, Wilson was managing these split tests manually.

Here's what that process looked like:

Step #1: Export Google Search Console data. Filter the data to find CTR opportunities.

Step #2: Plan changes to titles and metas; annotate changes to the site

Step #3: Monitor the impact of these changes (which involved more Search Console exports ongoing).

Step #4: Analyze the impact to organic CTRs and clicks—and conclude whether the change was a winner or loser.

All told, this took many hours—sometimes days at a time—of work.

That is, until automation came into the picture.

The Solution: Wilson Drives 10-60% Increases In Organic CTR Across “Low-Hanging Fruit” Product SKUs

After adopting ClickFlow, Wilson quickly identified pages that had an opportunity to improve by crunching Google Search Console data and stack ranking a list of low-CTR pages.

Next, Wilson wrote new titles or meta descriptions.

ClickFlow monitored the before/after results. (No more ongoing Google Search Console exports.)

And his testing paid off quickly…

primary arms

primary arms2

primary arms3

Within weeks, Wilson was able to achieve 10-60%+ increases in organic CTR on many of Primary Arms's top-selling SKUs.

According to Wilson:

“We’ve been using ClickFlow mainly to optimize title and meta descriptions and also insert H2s on each page. We probably have done more than a hundred tests, and they were really successful.”

Your Turn: Grow Your Ecommerce Company's SEO Traffic Quickly by Fixing Your Low-CTR Page Titles

Optimizing page titles and meta descriptions is one of the most powerful (and underrated) strategies to boost ecommerce traffic and sales.

That is, if you’ve got an efficient workflow.

From Wilson:

“Typically, if you are monitoring changes with Google Analytics or Search Console, it can take much more time because you have to actually check back all the time to see how changes are performing. ClickFlow saves us a ton of time finding opportunities, monitoring changes and reporting on results — even if we’re testing dozens of pages.

We also found ClickFlow to be very easy to learn — the UX is simple and modern. It took like 10 minutes to learn. Not difficult at all. It's one of the easiest tools we use.”

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